Symantec Code Signing SSL Certificate

Symantec® Code Signing Certificates is the perfect solution for software publishers who plans to distribute contents over internet and mobile network without being compromised. Symantec® Code Signing digital signature creates a digital shrink wrap to distribute content over the internet securely.

Increase Customer Confidence with Fewer Security Warnings

Unsigned code triggers a disruptive security warning or error message, or causes code to simply fail to load. To prevent disruption, software publishers should sign their code using a Symantec™ Code Signing Certificate. Symantec™ root certificates come pre-installed on most devices and embedded in most applications, which is not the case for other code signing solutions.

Make the Most of Your Code Signing Investment

With Symantec™ code signing certificates, developers select a platform, a validity period and install the certificate on their desktop or on a portable device such as a USB drive. A time-stamp option shows when code was signed, allowing customers to verify that the code signing certificate was valid at the time of the digital signature.

What are code signing certificates?

Code signing certificates are digital certificates that assure users from downloading uncompromised files or applications. When a file or application signed by a developer is modified or compromised after publication, a popup browser warning will appear to let users know that the origin of the file or application cannot be verified.


  • Digital signature for Microsoft Authenticode, VBA and Office, Sun Java, Adobe AIR and Macromedia Shockwave
  • Robust and time-tested authentication process to verify the publisher identity.
  • Proof that code has not changed or been tampered with since signing.
  • Unlimited signing with a valid Code Signing certificate
  • Include $50,000 Warranty

Microsoft Authenticode

Digitally sign 32- and 64-bit user-mode (.exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi and .xap files)and kernel-mode software. Provider for Microsoft Windows Logo programs.


Digitally sign and optimize .apk files for the Android platform. Automatically keep track of certificate keys and access full reporting of signing activity within the Symantec Code Signing Portal.


For Java applications for desktop and mobile devices, digitally sign .jar files and Netscape Object Signing. Recognized by Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Microsoft Office and VBA

Digitally sign VBA objects and macros. For Microsoft Office and third-party applications using VBA.

Symantec Code Signing for Adobe AIR

Digitally sign .air or .airi files. Required for all AIR-based applications.

Microsoft Windows Phone

Digitally sign code for Windows Phone and Xbox 360 applications. Required for Microsoft App Hub service.

Qualcomm BREW

Become a commercial BREW developer. Digitally notarize BREW applications.