Thawte® SGC SSL Certificates (Server Gated Cryptography)

Thawte SGC SuperCerts Certificate provides 256 bit encryption down to 128 bit encryption for 99.9% of user with old browsers. Most SSL certificates are capable of providing strong encryption (128-bit or higher), but certain older browsers and operating systems cannot step-up to 128 bit encryption unless an SGC SSL certificate is installed.


  • With SAN Support
  • 256-bit with lowest possible encryption level of 128-bit protection for 99.9% of users even with older browsers
  • 99% Browser Compatibility
  • SGC Enabled - Strong Encryption
  • Free Thawte Trusted Site Seal

  • Domain and identity authentication and verification
  • Encryption Strength Up to 256-bit
  • Unlimited Reissuance
  • Issuance 1-10 days
  • $500,000 warranty