Thawte® Wildcard SSL Certificates

With Thawte Wildcard SSL certificate you can protect multiple sub domains of the same base domains which are located on the same physical server.

For eg. with wildcard SSL certificate you can protect :,,,

Thawte Wildcard SSL certificates provides the complete domain name and business identity verification. It provides 40-bit, 56-bit, 128-bit or 256-bit encryption depending upon the browser compatibility and cipher suite installed on your web server. This ensures that data transfer over the internet is secured and private.


  • Secure multiple sub domains on one physical server
  • Full business validation
  • Encryption Strength Up to 256-bit
  • 99% Browser Compatibility
  • Site Seal Included
  • FREE lifetime, self-service reissues
  • Single root certificate means quick and easy installation
  • $125,000 warranty