Symantec Securesite Pro SGC SSL Certificate

The Symantec™ Secure Site Pro is with server gated cryptography (SGC) support to provide strong level of encryption upto 256 bit on newer and older browsers. Encryption level of certificate is trillion time stronger compare to encryption of 40 bit. Daily Web site malware scanning provided by all Symantec SSL certificates shows customers you are committed to keeping them safe.

It comes with the most trusted Norton™ Secured Trust Seal.

Some older browsers and operating systems can not connect at the strongest encryption level without Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) SSL encryption in place. Symantec™ is the leading Certification Authority (CA) for SGC-enabled SSL Certificates.


  • SGC Enabled - Strong Encryption
  • Secure up to 25 Domains (Multi SAN Certificate)
  • High 256-bit encryption 2048 bit root Certificate
  • Full organization authentication
  • FREE Norton™ Secured Seal
  • Installation Checker
  • 99.9% Browser Recognition Rate
  • Supports Mobile Devices

  • Includes Reissuance Insurance
  • SAN hosts allowed different domains
  • FREE Norton™ Daily Malware Scanning (Behavioral/Predictive)
  • $1,250,000 warranty (highest on non-EV in industry)
  • Secure Multiple Domains on a Single IP Address**
  • Issuance 4-5 days
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

** Applicable to a server that supports SNI (Server Name Indication)

Note: All Symantec SSL now come in SAN (multi-domain) versions of up to 25 domains.

Our investment in security extends beyond SSL as we incorporate new protection services to combat the constantly moving threat landscape. Our website security solutions include:

Beyond SSL

  • Vulnerability assessment to help you quickly identify and take action against the most exploitable weaknesses on your website.
  • Malware scanning that examines the public portion of your site, notifying you of infected pages, as well as the code causing the problem.

These features help you quickly identify and take action against critical website weaknesses – further protecting you and your customers.

Server and Client OS Compatibility

Client OS Mac OS X, Snow Leapord, Windows 7, Vista, Xp, 2000, Linux Client OS.
Server OS Windows Server 2008, 2003, 2000, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, Novell, etc.
Web Server Microsoft IIS 7, IIS6, Apache, Tomcat, IBM HTTP, Weblogic, Cobalt.
E-Mail Servers Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003 Lotus Dominos, SmarterMail, etc.
Control Panels Plesk 6+, Hsphere, Helm, Ensim, DotNet Panel and more.
Proxy, Routers, Firewalls CISCO, Microsoft ISA 2004, ISA 2006, etc.