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If you are looking for a new magazine designer, you’ve come to the right place. Yes, we love designing magazines! Whether you have a large or small readership, applying creative and stylish designs to your magazine layouts help captivate the audience, keeps things interesting and engage your readers. We work closely with companies, often with marketing and communication teams to understand your strategic aims, and present you with new ideas and visual approaches. We can research images, brief photographers, provide info graphics and put together memorable layouts and covers – aimed clearly at your target readership.

How We Help

We believe a magazine is a printed product. An online magazine in our opinion is just a website. Webz Solutions often supports communication teams who like to write the majority of their own content – but who need an external magazine design company to put together the visuals. Our print designers can help with all aspects of your publication. If you're looking for any type of contract publishing, please contact us and tell us more!

Make the most of your magazine!

An ideal magazine should be having proper design, typography, pictures, graphics and texture in the finest blend. It can surely serve as a driving force to accentuate huger audience and increase the conversation rates.

Planning and putting together a magazine is a huge task, so the last thing you need is to be let down on the magazine design. Crafting such a stuff demands great level of imagination and experience. Any errors in the process can simply ruin the whole process of magazine designing. There are many businesses that prefers to outsource magazine design services to India. Webz Solutions is a right destination to outsource your magazine design work.

Awesome creative

Having a trusted process is one thing, but if your magazine lacks a professional design it won’t be in print for long.

Our designers can work on a per-spread basis, designing each article as the content comes over, or we can help you to plan the look and feel of your magazine design before the first issue.

Creating a style guide specifically for your publication means whatever magazine designers you use, they have a clear guide to the layout – from grids to colours and fonts.

Our Expertise

We create consumer, business, corporate, customer, internal communication, charity magazines and many more.

Magazine designs that talk your language

Every industry has a different language. That's true for visual representation as well as for the words you use. Our magazine designs use the visual cues most appropriate to your market – big colour spreads for fashion magazines, smart bullet points and fact lists for educational magazines, clean clear layouts for graphic design magazines. The layout of every page is vital. Features and key pieces are given the design cues they need to stand out: big double page spreads, arresting photos and colourful inserts. Professional pieces, industry journals and reviews are kept plain and simple. By talking to your audience in layout as well as words, our magazine designs reinforce your professionalism, your relevance and your authority.

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If you have a requirement for a new or existing magazine designing, please give us a call on 09820722724 or send a message at [email protected]

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